Friday, June 17, 2011

Full-Moon Concert with Shizuno Nasu and Rhiannon

Earlier this week, I got an email from my neighbor, Rhiannon, asking if Bob and I would like to come to a fully-improvised vocal and dance concert that she was putting on with Shizuno Nasu. I wrote back that we'd love to come, and she wrote back and asked if I would bring a would be at Shizuno's home and dance studio in Volcano Village, and small intimate group.

...would I bring a harp? Yes, beautiful!

What a wonderful honor to play with Rhiannon, who is one of the premiere jazz vocalists and teachers in the business. And Shizuno Nasu, who is a stunningly beautiful Shinto priestess and exquisite dancer.

Shizuno opened the concert by leading the audience members through her garden, gracefully, elegantly, speaking to each leaf of grass as she walked through. She made blessings and offerings, and all the while, I played Reiki Healing Harp for her ceremony.

I did not know what I was going to play until about 10 minutes before I sat down. Then I just allowed the music to come through. Once Shizuno completed the opening ceremony, I covered the harp, and joined the audience.

The vocal improvisation was incredible. Rhiannon and Shizano took us through the story of many women's lives, becoming friends, breaking apart, becoming whole again. Stunning and moving. I hope they will do it again.

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