Friday, June 17, 2011

How I Became a Reiki Harpist

Take one high-tech wordsmith...

I used to be a marketing coach and writer in Silicon Valley, consulting with Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Apple, Informatica, and numerous start-ups. I had a lot of fun. And yet...

A health crisis caused me to reconsider the pace I was living life. A Reiki master suggested, in the course of my healing, that I look into my childhood for something that gave me joy. That winter, I saw a harp in a Christmas catalog, and an old memory surfaced...

I grew up in a musical household. When I was 6, my parents took me to the symphony. The harpist had a solo that night, and I could almost taste the harp music. I could almost remember how to play. 

Later, my parents took me to meet the harpist, Helen Hope, at her home, and she let me touch her harps. I was in heaven. But then she said: “You must learn to play piano first.” Ugh. 

I played piano, never very well. I also played xylophone, recorder, percussion, french horn, and ukulele. I sang a lot, too.Years passed; life happened. I forgot about the harp. And then...

I remembered.

I had the Christmas catalog, instructions from my Reiki master, and my childhood memory. I was 42. I got to it.I ordered a harp, found a teacher who would give lessons by Skype, and started my dream. I took Reiki training and became a Reiki master, and I have studied with the International Harp Therapy Program in San Diego, California.

Now I play healing harp concerts as wellness centers, for healing retreats, and for health conferences. I play healing house concerts, and play in private practice for surgery recovery, chemotherapy patients, infertility patients, and for animal needs such a doggy ear infections.

Thank you, Helen Hope, for getting me started. And, yes, it was better that I learned to play piano first.

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