Friday, June 17, 2011

Part 1 of 4: Reiki & The Harp

I wrote this article for The Reiki Digest, and have divided it into blog entries for easier reading.

In researching this article, I found Reiki and the harp, do indeed, have a lot in common: they both use vibration as a mode for healing and they both use entrainment as the means for delivering the vibrational healing.

Vibrational Medicine

Both Reiki and harp music use a vibratory model for healing rather than chemical, mechanical, etc. Vibrational healing happens most often in the electromagnetic fields of subtle body, also known as the Human Energy Field.

But what is vibration? At the most basic level, it is an oscillation between two points. It is a measurement of movement of a specific type and strength, through a specific type of medium. For example, sound waves, including harp music, travel through air. Ocean waves travel through water. Reiki waves travel through subtle, electromagnetic and physical bodies, as well as through media we cannot yet measure. The rate at which the waves wiggle, the direction they travel and the medium they travel through tell us how the vibration will feel when it arrives and what effect it might have in healing.

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