Friday, June 17, 2011

Successes: Bob and the (almost) missing toenail

My husband, Bob, is a very handy guy, and one day he was cutting steel poles with a hand-held circular saw. Suddenly, the fiberglass blade shattered, sending bits everywhere, including across his middle toe.
We went to the doctor, but she could not use stitches because the cut was too near the joint. She put on butterfly strips and told us that Bob would lose his toenail, and that it probably wouldn’t grow back.

I performed Reiki on Bob’s toe daily for a week or so. The toe healed so well that he never lost the toenail, and you can hardly see the scar.

When we went back to the doctor she was amazed, and told us several times how stunned she was at the healing.

Chalk another one up for Reiki!

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