Friday, June 17, 2011

Successes: Feline Abscess Improvement

One day my kitty, Pinto Bean, got in a fight and developed an abscess. He’d caught a claw in the side, and it had become infected. He had swelling, and he was starting to become lethargic.

I took him to our vet, East Hawaii Veterinarian Clinic in Hilo. The doc shaved Bean’s fur, lanced the abscess, gave me instructions for care, and asked me to bring him back the following week.

I applied hydrogen peroxide several times a day, and performed Reiki on the wound. Bean would let me know when to stop by moving away from me.

Cats rarely need more than a few minutes of Reiki, and will get annoyed if you chase them around the house trying to give them a human-sized treatment.

The following week, I took Bean back to the vet for a follow up. I noticed the vet rummaging through her file, looking for something. Finally she turned to me and asked, “When were you here last?”

“Last week. You asked us to come back in a week.”

She said: “I see that in your file, but that wound is 3 weeks old.” The wound was nearly completely healed, which should have taken 3 weeks. But with Reiki, healing was faster.

Chalk one up for Reiki.

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