Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bravely, Restarting "Artist's Pages..."

Once I read Julia Cameron's, The Artist's Way, I have returned to the Artist's Pages off and on.

Usually, resentfully. Because I thought I was done. And I'm tired. Boo-hoo.

Thank you to my new friend, David Hurlin, percussionist and artist's coach!

Whew, recording is done!

A big mahalo and thank you to Sarah, Sola, and Joyce for being my audience while I was recording "Seasons of the Soul." Huge thank you to my husband, Bob, who is turning into a really great sound guy. It's geeky enough for him!

Now, it's time to get the artwork done. Back to a long-time friend and graphic designer, Gabriella Martinez, at Texto.

Whew, I'm still reeling from all the amazing things that have happened as a result of the Sounding Circles 2011 Retreat.