Monday, November 7, 2011

Seasons of the Soul, Track 1: Reiki Treatment for Late Summer - Season of Transition

Aug. 1 - Sept. 23 (north); Feb. 2 - Mar. 21 (south)

CD Sample
Track 1: Late Summer (Stomach/Spleen)

Late Summer is a short and unrecognized season, which represents the transition from Yang to Yin, and is most active in the Stomach/Spleen organ system. This season falls between the expansive growth phases of spring and summer, and the inward, cooler, most mysterious fall and winter.

A pleasant tranquil and flourishing season, it is as if time stops in Late Summer and activity becomes effortless and dreamlike. Unity, harmony and the middle way are summed between the extremes. This is the time when the pendulum reverses its swing.

This season is represented by the Earth element, and is located in your Center, that place which is constant and harmonizes the effects of the other four seasons. It is timeless joy.

Other Late Summer words:
    •    Element: Earth
    •    Transition from Yang declining to Yin -- Central Phase
    •    Organs: Stomach/Spleen
    •    Body: Mouth, Muscles
    •    Emotion: Care/Worry, Thoughtfulness/Pensiveness, Awareness/Anxiety
    •    Taste: Sweet
    •    Climate: Humid
    •    Life Stage: Change
    •    Color: Yellow
    •    Meditation words: Harvest,
    •    Musical modes: Ionian and Mixolydian

About Seasons of the Soul: a Reiki Treament in Solo Harp Music

Seasons of the Soul is a five-part improvised, solo harp  Reiki treatment, designed to balance the energy system. Each section is an interpretation of the five specific seasons, outlined by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Philosophy. Each season corresponds to specific organ systems in the body.
The end result is a 50-minute, repeatable Reiki treatment.
You can enjoy Seasons of the Soul alone or with others. Massage practitioners may want to use the CD background for sessions. Acupuncturists may use the recording in conjunction with other energy balancing techniques. Listeners may listen to the whole CD straight-through or listen to particular tracks to address specific energy issues.

A reminder: This is a work of healing, not medicine. Please consult your doctor and your common sense if you have questions about your health.

Kudos from a Reiki Master in Hawai'i

"Lovely. Inspiring. Wonderful balance! This work is truly a blessing!" -- Paul H., Reiki master, Island of Hawai'i

Kudos from a Chirpractic & Wellness Center

"Thank you for bringing your gift to our center. It was fantastic!" -- Dr. Angela Lopez, Chiropractic from the Heart, San Jose California

Kudos from The Reiki Digest

"Thanks, Cymber! I've never been able to share a Reiki session I have received with anyone else before, relive it the way I can when listening to this recording." -- Janet Dagley Dagley, editor,

Kudos from private client

"Thank you for your time with my wife. Yesterday, we were at the hospital in Honolulu for a check-up, and everyone said she looked great. Your work shows!!" -- JB, Island of Hawai'i

Kudos from Holly Young

“Cymber Lily’s is a lovely gift and I'm grateful for it, like having a moment to appreciate the way the night blooming jasmine smells standing in the dark.”

Thursday, November 3, 2011

At long last... Seasons of the Soul is finished and available at CD Baby

Woo-hoo, let the celebration begin. My first CD, Seasons of the Soul, is back from the printer, and is now available on CDBaby, iTunes, and lots of other places.  Follow this link...Cymber Lily Quinn | Seasons of the Soul | CD Baby,