Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kudos from TAOACT Foundation for the Advancement of Alternative Cancer Treatment

"I want to thank you for letting me know about your CD,
Seasons of the Soul
, that you have made available on your website.

I think that your work is very effective as an alternative method of healing...Not only is Reiki an alternative form of treatment, but your use of the harp is an excellent form of psycho acoustic sound therapy, and one that I practice.

Your interpretation of the five seasons that corresponds to specific organ systems in the body as outlined in the Taoist Philosophy complements what the foundation has adopted as its motto:

     TAO: The Way of Life
     With poise, serenity and complete assurance
     The natural and open beneficent flow of life
     Not to interfere but to let nature restore
     The sense of direction most men ignore.

I am enclosing a check for 10 CDs. I am giving them to friends for Christmas, some of whom the foundation is working with and to whom I feel your healing harp will prove very beneficial.

Ki MiChele
Executive Director
TAOACT Foundation"

Wow, Ki! Thanks! Let me know if I can play for any of your clients in person or over the phone/Skype.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seaons of the Soul, Track 5: Reiki Treatment for Early Summer - Season of Expansion

June 21-Aug. 1 (north); Dec. 22 - Feb. 1 (south) 

CD Sample
Track 5: Early Summer (Heart/Small Intestine)

Early Summer heralds expansion, growth, lightness and outward activity. This is the time of luxurious growth in work, play, and travel. It is a time to be joyful and grow into selfless service.

Other Early Summer words:
• Element: Fire
• Yang in expansion, Greater Yang
• Organs: Heart, Small Intestine
• Body: Tongue, Blood vessels
• Emotion: Joy/Mania
• Taste: Bitter
• Climate: Heat
• Life Stage: Growth
• Color: Red
• Meditation words: growth, expansion, light
• Musical Mode: Ionian

Seasons of the Soul, Track 4: Reiki Treament for Spring - Seasons of New Beginnings

March 21-June 20 (north); Sept. 23 - Dec. 21 (south)

CD Sample
Track 4: Spring (Liver)

Spring is the new beginning, the time of year to rise early with the Sun. Plants push upwards after winter's slumber. Any residual dissatisfaction, impatience and anger disappear at the sight of the green shoots of newness.

Other Spring words:
• Element: Wood
• Yang rising, lesser Yang
• Organs: Liver, Gallbladder
• Body: Sinews, Bile, Eyes
• Emotion: Achievement/Anger
• Taste: Sour
• Climate: Wind
• Life Stage: Birth
• Color: Green/Blue
• Meditation words: brisk walks, new beginnings, subtle cleansing, see in new ways
• Musical Modes: Aeolian and Dorian

Seasons of the Soul, Track 3: Reiki Treatment for Winter - Season of Peaceful Stillness

Dec. 21 - March 21 (north) ; June 22 - Sept. 22 (south)

CD Sample
Track 3: Winter (Kidneys)

Winter is the end and the beginning. To unify with winter, one emphasizes receptivity, introspection. One cools the surface of the body and warms the core. It is a time of rest and deep meditation. It is a time for strengthening one's listening skills. It is a time to enjoy the stillness. Nap in the afternoon and hear cheerful voices in the kitchen.

Other Winter words:
• Element: Water
• Deep Yin, Greater Yin
• Organs: Kidney, Bladder
• Body: Ears, Bones, Adrenal glands
• Emotion: Curiosity/Fear and Depression
• Taste: Salty
• Climate: Cold
• Life Stage: Storage
• Color: Black
• Meditation Words: Rest and Recharge, Stillness, Introspection
• Musical modes: Perfect 5ths (half Ionian) and pentatonic

Seasons of the Soul, Track 2: Reiki Treatment for Autumn - Season of Decay and Turning Inward

Sept. 23 - Dec. 21 (north); Mar. 22 - June 21 (south)

CD Sample
Track 2: Autumn (Lungs)

Autumn is the season of harvest, and time to pull inward and gather together on all levels. As the growing season winds down, we store up food and fuel. We set aside time to plan and study for the approaching stillness of winter. Everything contracts and moves inward. It is the time of reflection or even grieving. It is the time when the lungs draw in energy and release all that is old. It is a time to organize for the next year, to smell baked goods and eat stews, squash and beans.

Other Autumn words
• Elements: Air and Metal

• Yin rising, lesser Yin

• Organs: Lungs, Large Intestine, Skin

• Body: Nose, Hair

• Emotion: Completion/ Grief, Sadness

• Taste: Sharp
• Climate: Drought

• Life Stage: Maturity

• Colors: White

• Meditation words: Pull inward, contract, harvest, organize

• Musical modes: Phrygian and Locrian