Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seasons of the Soul, Track 3: Reiki Treatment for Winter - Season of Peaceful Stillness

Dec. 21 - March 21 (north) ; June 22 - Sept. 22 (south)

CD Sample
Track 3: Winter (Kidneys)

Winter is the end and the beginning. To unify with winter, one emphasizes receptivity, introspection. One cools the surface of the body and warms the core. It is a time of rest and deep meditation. It is a time for strengthening one's listening skills. It is a time to enjoy the stillness. Nap in the afternoon and hear cheerful voices in the kitchen.

Other Winter words:
• Element: Water
• Deep Yin, Greater Yin
• Organs: Kidney, Bladder
• Body: Ears, Bones, Adrenal glands
• Emotion: Curiosity/Fear and Depression
• Taste: Salty
• Climate: Cold
• Life Stage: Storage
• Color: Black
• Meditation Words: Rest and Recharge, Stillness, Introspection
• Musical modes: Perfect 5ths (half Ionian) and pentatonic

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