Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest Hosting on Sounding Circles Radio today

Aloha friends of Reiki Heaing Harp.

Today, I am guest hosting on Sounding Circles Radio for the regular host, Joule L'adara.

I'll be talking about the Full Moon, which occurs today. It is the Earthworm Moon in the northern latitudes, the time when the worms begin to work the soil for spring.

It is also the Wind Moon in many nature-based cultures, and I'll be sharing stories.

I'll be taking requests for Reiki Healing Harp music, and if the technology works, I'll be playing live.

You can listen in over the Internet at Podcasts will be available in about a week.

If you'd like to talk to me, call (425) 644-5620 or 877-230-3062.

Hope you'll get a chance to listen!

Aloha and Reiki Blessings from Hawai'i Island,
Cymber Lily

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