Monday, March 5, 2012

What’s a Reiki Treatment Like?

“It’s like a gentle bath in golden light.” “Wow, the pain is much less!” “It’s the best sleep I’ve had in ages!” “I can’t believe how much more relaxed I feel.”

 The practice of delivering Reiki is the art of channeling healing energy. And nearly everyone I have worked with reports that a Reiki treatment feels good. The variety of different ways Reiki treatments make you feel good is what is fun and astonishing about the practices of Reiki.

Just like any healthcare provider, each Reiki practitioner will have a different way of doing things, so it’s good to try a few and get a feel for what you like. Some practitioners give Reiki treatments out of their homes, and some make house calls. Others work for nursing homes, hospice, and other healthcare facilities. You may find that you have friends or family who have received Reiki treatment training, and can help you informally.

Getting Dressed for a Reiki Treatment 

As you prepare for your Reiki treatment, it is helpful to eat lightly and drink lots of water afterward. You will probably lie on a massage table or bed, or possibly on the floor on a yoga mat. You may lie on your back the entire time, or you may be asked to turn over gently through the process. You will remained clothed, and some practitioners will either touch you lightly, or not at all. Be sure you are completely comfortable and warm or cool enough.

Explain Your Pain 

Tell your practitioner about any physical pains you may have (headache or neckache, for example); emotional pains (improving your relationship with your daughter); mental pains (worry and anxiety); and spiritual pains. When you tell your practitioner about your needs, he/she can set their intention in alignment with yours, and your Reiki Treatment will better serve you.

Become the Big Ear 

Once you have settled in, it is very helpful if you can imagine receiving healing energy, and where it might be helpful to receive it. I tell my clients to imagine that their body is a giant ear, and their job is to listen to the energy that is coming their way.

The Big Exhale 

One way you can deepen your relaxation at the beginning of the session is to exhale deeply three times. Yep, exhale deeply. When you inhale again, you will naturally take a deep cleansing breath all the way to the bottom of your lungs and energy centers. There, wasn’t that easy? (You can even do it now. Go ahead, give it a try...three exhales.)

Hand-ling the Matter 

Reiki energy is traditionally passed through the hands to the recipient. Different schools teach different hand positions to help practitioners focus their energies as they move through a treatment. Usually, a practitioner starts with hands on the head of the client, and holds each hand position for 3-5 minutes, until the energies shift. The practitioner then moves to a new hand position lower on the body, and holds. The treatment is complete when the practitioner reaches the client’s feet, or when the practitioner feels the energy has completed itself. These are very distinct sensations in the hands and body of the practitioner, and many clients report that they also feel these changes and shifts through the treatment session.

Closing the Session

Once you have completed a Reiki session, get up slowly. Drink lots of water throughout the next few days, and spend time doing nothing. This allows the relaxation to deepen and last longer. You may have sudden bursts of insight or aha moments. Many people report that they sleep better, too. Take notes in your journal, a be sure to let your Reiki practitioner know how you fared when you next visit. To schedule a Reiki session, either in-person or by Skype, please contact me at ReikiHealingHarp [ at ] me [dot] com.

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