Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Imaginary Interview with Reiki Founder Usui Mikao

Our featured guest for the Imaginary Interview:
Master Usui
Sometimes when I need an answer, I go into the meditation space, and imagine a conversation with the person who might most be able to help me. In this post, I thought I would share this process with you, and have an imaginary conversation with Master Usui, the founder of today's modern Reiki traditions. 

Q: Master Usui, tell us a little about your childhood and your education?

A: I was born in 1865, the year the American Civil War ended, in the Yamagata District near present day Nagoya. I grew up in a normal family with parents, two brothers and a sister, Tsuru. My brother, Sanya, became a doctor, and my other brother, Kuniji, became a policeman.

My anscestors were the once influential Chiba clan, and were Hatamoto samurai. I, myself, received samurai training, called akiki-jutsu.

I became a Buddhist, but loved the Shinto and Taoist traditions, and traveled the world including Europe, Americas, China, and Asia. I was studying history, medicine, Buddhism, Christianity, psychology and Taoism.

Q: What is the Purpose of a Reiki practice?

A: Originally, Reiki was a spiritual practice, designed to help people reach enlightenment. No beliefs are required because Reiki works whether you believe in it or not, just as electricity works whether you believe in it or not.

As students reached deeper levels of their Reiki practice, they began experiencing significant improvements in their health in their physical, mental, and emotional health as well. Because of the benefits to daily living, some people came to study Reiki purely for its health benefits.

When Mrs. Hawayo Takata (named for your home state of Hawaii) brought Reiki to Hawaii and the West, she was bringing the healing aspects. She had experienced tremendous healing through the use of Reiki. In her case, enlightenment was a side-effect of her healing journey. Reiki had come full circle.

Do you have a question to ask Master Usui in an Imaginary Interview? Let me know, and I'll include in in a future Imaginary Interview with Master Usui.

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