Friday, June 8, 2012

Creating Calm with Water

This is an article, reprinted from Ann White's "Creating Calm Within the Chaos",

I love the idea of drinking water to soothe the nerves. Our bodies are made of 70% water, so we are returning to ourselves in some way when we drink water.

Thank you, Ann, for this beautiful post.


Creating Calm Tip of the Week: Drink Water

Water.  Yes water.  Water can help create calm.  Let me just share one tip about water this week.  If you find yourself sobbing - I mean the kind of sobbing where you need to grab a bath towel to catch the tears instead of a tissue - get up and go get yourself a class of cool water and start sipping it.  There is something about sipping cool water when you are sobbing that starts to soothe and comfort the soul.

When I work in trauma, and a family just receives tragic news, I will give them a chance to sob, handing tissues, but then, I will excuse myself and bring a glass of cool water - and it helps them balance their sadness.

Water is life sustaining.  It has a healing and soothing energy.  So drinking water is not only good for our bodies daily, but sipping cool water is good for our spirits when we are sad and emotionally wounded.

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