About Cymber Lily

I used to be a marketing coach and writer in Silicon Valley, consulting with Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Apple, Informatica, and numerous start-ups. I had a lot of fun. And yet...
A health crisis caused me to reconsider the pace I was living life. A Reiki master suggested, in the course of my healing, that I look into my childhood for something that gave me joy. That led me to the harp.

Now I play healing harp concerts as wellness centers, for healing retreats, and for health conferences. I play healing house concerts, and play in private practice for surgery recovery, chemotherapy patients, infertility patients, and for animal needs such a doggy ear infections.

I play in-person, by Skype and by recording. Let me know if you need some healing music! 

Cymber Lily Quinn
harpist & Reiki master-teacher

Level III, Usui Tradition
Special Correspondent to The Reiki Digest
Additional Study: History of Reiki, and Harp Resonant Tone
Certified facilitator of Indigo Spiritual Healings
Member, The Network of Soul Center Facilitators
Minister, Universal Life Church 


Reiki Healing Harp
PO Box 92
Hakalau, HI 96710

reikihealingharp [ at ] me.com