“Cymber Lily’s harp music creates an ambiance that helps me feel anchored to my own interior.”
-- Jan Adrian, Program Director, HealingJourneys.org


"Along the way, I've come to believe that I also send Reiki energy through my harp playing. Blessings on your work!
RoJean Loucks

"Thanks, Cymber! I've never been able to share a Reiki session I have received with anyone else before, relive it the way I can when listening to this recording."
-- Janet Dagley, editor, The Reiki Digest. com

"I am grateful to be blessed by your gift of this music.....thank you. First hip surgery very successful....will be going for round 2 soon. So, again....thank you for the beautiful avenue to healing." -- pomona, watercolorist

"You are amazing! I am listening and so grateful for you and your beautiful music. Please keep doing this important work." Angela Miller, www.AngelaMillerCreative.com

"I know how good it feels for me to wake up with your cd, and it sounds like many others are benefiting from your music." -- D. Lesea, photographer

“Cymber Lily’s is a lovely gift and I'm grateful for it, like having a moment to appreciate the way the night blooming jasmine smells standing in the dark.”
-- Holly Young, bronze sculptor

"Thank you for your time with my wife. Yesterday, we were at the hospital in Honolulu for a check-up, and everyone said she looked great. Your work shows!!" -- JB, Island of Hawai'i

"Thank you for bringing your gift to our center. It was fantastic!" 
-- Dr. Angela Lopez, Chiropractic from the Heart, San Jose California

"Lovely. Inspiring. Wonderful balance! This work is truly a blessing!" 
-- Paul H., Reiki master, Island of Hawai'i

Comments from participants at the Healing Journeys cancer conference:
"Very soothing."
"Sweet and calming."
"Excellent and relaxing."
"The music was comforting."
"Sweet – good energy. "
"Very moving. Sweet."
"What a delight. Beautiful and peaceful."

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