Learn Reiki Healing Harp

When you learn to improvise, you'll be able to focus more of yourself into your music, for healing yourself and others. You'll be able to respond to the energies of the moment more fluidly, and respond to the healing that is happening in your music.

Learn-to-play lessons are based on Christina Tourin's Creative Harping DVDs. These DVDs lead the student through the healing modes, so helpful in improvisation. I also use Pamela Bruner's excellent books and DVDs. I can guide you through these lessons, plus teach you how to allow healing energy to travel across your music.

In-person lessons are available if you live hear Hilo, Hawaii, or are coming on vacation. Skype lessons are available for distance students.

Lessons are $30 per half hour; $60 per hour. Payment can be made by PayPal or check.

Let's get started!